Baseball: 65-0 in Three Innings

Apparently it's possible to score 65 runs in three innings, if they last so long that the game has to be called on account of encroaching darkness (because your team can't get any outs!).

I understand this is a video feed from the game:


Miss Ladybug said...

I thought they had a "mercy rule" in high school baseball?

Grim said...

You have to get to the fifth inning. :)

douglas said...

I suppose if the losing team doesn't quit (and I assume they're aware of the rule), then don't you owe them to play the game? Not full bore perhaps (how do you have your heart in it?), but play it, none the less.

What I don't get is why the other team didn't forfeit at some point. Except, I do get it. I'd rather get slaughtered like this than quit. Making it to the 5th might have been a kind of victory.

E Hines said...

...don't you owe them to play the game?

Even the coach taking advantage of an opportunity to put in his bench and get them significant game time, a) how do you tell the second string and scrubs not to go all out and try to earn a starting slot, and b) in a blowout like this, how much are the bench-warmers going to learn, really?

And I have to ask: how seriously was the losing team taking this game? Or the sport: They've been run ruled in every game.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

"Ok, guys, we've had a tough season so far, but you've been working hard and things are getting better. This time, I just know we'll last long enough to trigger the mercy rule."