Rituals bind

I like the way the crowd took over from the professional singer, with his encouragement.  (The anthem is after the pop-music photo montage, at about 1:30.)

Those bombers must have felt like germs with a whole body's white blood cells after them.  At least one probably still does.

H/t HotAir.


Grim said...

Yeah, I think they must have thought this would be the perfect crime -- so hard to trace, in terms of forensics, and so many people around who would remember two nondescript guys in ordinary clothes with ordinary backpacks?

On the other hand, this says something about the degree to which we are monitored in every day life. Big Brother isn't watching, but he can go back and check the feed any time He wants. Of course, a happy fact not present in the novel is that, sometimes, so can we.

Texan99 said...

HotAir reports that a victim saw the bomber drop a bag to the ground moments before the explosion that tore his lower legs off. When he woke up in the hospital under sedation, he immediately demanded a pen and paper, writing "Saw the guy. Looked in my eyes. Bag." His detailed description helped the FBI narrow in on the right faces in the video surveillance.

So they left alive a motivated and capable witness.

Grim said...

Anybody who's ever seen a cowboy movie knows you don't try to kill an American and leave him alive.

Grim said...

Apropos of which, RangerUp used to make a shirt with this image.

douglas said...

That was but one reason I'm a hockey fan. Great fans. Not afraid to go out and live like free people.