So My Question Is...

...what kind of low-rent opposition researchers do Republicans employ?  Mitt Romney ran a hotly contested campaign against John McCain in 2008; the oppo book got published online, and there weren't any surprises in it.  Mitt Romney went on to run a hotly contested campaign against several well-connected Republicans this year, and nobody came up with anything beyond voting records and conflicting political position statements.

Yet since Romney became the presumptive nominee, we've suddenly learned that:

A)  He was arrested for disorderly conduct for refusing to obey police instructions on how to operate his boat;

B)  He was a roughhouse prankster who was part of a high-school gang that once jumped a guy and gave him a hair-cut.

Fortunately for Romney, there's a way to turn this around.

Romney Campaign Adopts New Slogan


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure they do employ any, because the big-name Republicans are too busy being establishment. They are afraid of charges of racism, sexism, whatever and so they don't dig like the need to. They want to be liked by the media and the "pretty people" even though that is not going to happen, not even if the Republican leadership suddenly started spouting Democrat Party talking points.

That's where Andrew Britebart did such a service - he did not care what people called him, so he and his supporters happily dug away and shone the light on what they found.


bthun said...

I think I'm gonna have to go with LR1's notion that the GOP does not employ opposition researchers for the primaries or the general elections.

Now I seem to vaguely recall when investigative reporters performed that function, but that was a long time ago. Now journalists only dig into anyone to the political right of Chairman Mao, and only on command.

DL Sly said...

The bullying *narrative* has already been blown out the door. WaPo made a correction to their original hit piece without noting the change. The sisters interviewed have come out saying that their brother never said a thing to them and that he would be furious that he was being used as a political pawn.

Grim said...

The young man sounds like one of those troubled-by-nature sorts that often runs into real problems fitting in -- not just in that prep school, but before he went there, and for the rest of his life afterwards as well. Characters like this have a hard life wherever they go, but especially in regimented atmospheres like 1960s prep schools, or the enlisted ranks of the military.

Having met a few similar folks, I tend to feel bad for them even though I understand why the rest of their 'unit' would like to either knock them into shape or push them out. It's a difficult road they've got, and it seems to be a road they're stuck with.

Still, he apparently worked with Lipizzans for a while. I imagine that was a good part of a tough life.

bthun said...

I WON's buck passing, scorched earth, redistribution, and mud slinging machine seems to be backfiring in spite of the best efforts of the DNC and Pravda to mandate rose colored glasses for the masses.

An appropriate tune for I WON's Forward campaign. Now that's some situational boogee woogee to which I can stomp my foot.

Eric Blair said...

I still want to know what the President's college grades were.