Ex-Post Facto Evidence

A blog called "Colorlines" has a story with a  headline that is not supported by the story itself:  "Even Gun Enthusiasts are Disgusted with Trayvon Martin Gun Range Targets."

Nothing in the story that follows suggests that; actually, it sounds like the targets are big sellers.

Still, let me go ahead and provide him with the evidence that he is lacking.  I'm not sure if I really qualify as a "gun enthusiast," since I prefer blades to guns; but I do own, and sometimes enjoy shooting, several guns.  I think that the target is a pretty low thing to do.  The Martin family is going to have to see that.  Whatever your thoughts about the case -- and the facts remain somewhat murky -- simple human decency ought to outweigh any thought of money to be made.

Nevertheless he says he was motivated by the hope of money; and apparently he was rewarded.  When something is rewarded you get more of it.  Expect more of this, with all attendant consequences.


bthun said...

"simple human decency ought to outweigh any thought of money to be made. "

Agreed is the verdict from one certified firearms enthusiast. But again, that's just me.

DL Sly said...

Not cool.
Not in any way, shape or form.

douglas said...

For some reason that's a truncated version of the report- if you click the link for the 'video report', it has a longer text report as well, which includes this line:

"Firearm owners are buzzing about the Trayvon Martin targets on several gun enthusiast websites.

Very few have shown interest in purchasing the targets. Most have expressed disgust."

This was some clown selling on an auction website. He probably sold a few dozen targets total to half a dozen buyers, who for all we know, were reporters buying them to show as props in their reporting on the selling of the targets. Has anyone seen someone show up at a range with these? Does anyone think they would be well accepted at the range if they did? This is really a nothing story- the internet makes every complete outlier look like a significant segment of the population, but it's all distortion.

Anonymous said...

I'll stick with a bullseye or Barney the Obnoxious Dinosaur, thanks. Oh, and university financial aid forms work well for archery practice.

Targets of real (deceased) people are beyond the pale.


Grim said...

Good to hear the video clip was stronger. It's the sort of thing people ought to oppose.