The Age of Arthur

A military historian blogger I discovered on St. Patrick's Day has begun a series of posts on the historical Arthur.  It's easy reading, and a good general introduction for those of you who are interested in a survey; the author tends to elide over points of historical debate, but that's necessary when writing for a general audience.  The discussion on Arthur tends to get way out in the weeds if you follow the intricate aspects of the debate.  (For those interested in that, you should join ARTHURNET; another excellent but more general resource is this online Arthurian encyclopedia.)

These may also be of interest to those of you who undertook reading the novel I sent out to volunteers a few weeks ago.  The encyclopedia is thorough enough to mention Moren, who before the book appears only in one line of one story, the Welsh Culwhch and Owen.


karrde said...

That looks like a good place to begin.

(I've run into several retellings-for-children and retold-for-popular-culture versions of the Arthur mythos. This is more to my style; it fills in other gaps in my knowledge. I hadn't known the details of the Volkwanderung and the events leading to the Sack of Rome at the level given in Part 1.)

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