St. Patrick's Day

In deference to Lars Walker's report from Beyond, let us start with something appropriate.  "St. Patrick's Breastplate" is a famous hymn that survives to us from the Old Irish.

And then something else genuinely Irish:

Can't be anything more Irish than this:

By this point, most Americans will have exhausted their ability to tell the Irish from anything generally Celtic.

'Hey, I think I remember this song is Irish...'

...after which they'll stumble on this one, and be disappointed to realize that it's about an actual brigade.  It's Irish, though!  And American!

(The "Fighting 69th" went on to serve in World War I as part of the "Rainbow Division."  Yes, really.)

Right... so, Australian is kind of Irish, yeah?  And there's bagpipes, which are totally Irish.

What could be more Irish than a song about an Irish ship?

Perhaps even that isn't as wholly Irish as it could be:  here's the greatest of Irish bands singing a song by a Scot named Ewan MacColl.  It's a fine song, all the same.

Happy St. Patrick's Day.


bthun said...

Top o the morn and a very nice St. Paddy's day to ya too!

Anonymous said...

My favorite Irish curse: May the ghost of Mary Mahoney and her nine blind, illegitimate children chase you so far over the hills of damnation that the good Lord Himself can nae find ye with a telescope!

Irish blessing: May ye be half an hour in heaven 'afore t' devil knows you're dead.


Grim said...

My favorite example of Irish cursing is in this folk ballad.