These Are The Worst Pirates We've Ever Seen

Rear Adm. Craig S. Faller, who commands the carrier strike group, looked at the chart and radar images of the Sunshine’s location with something like disbelief. The Sunshine and the Stennis were only a few miles apart. “These might be the dumbest pirates ever,” he said.
It proved a chance to rescue some Iranian fishermen -- a good deed freely rendered to a people who have probably been told to expect no such from us.

Santayana wrote of England at her height as the "sweet, just, boyish master," and -- though there were times and places when England was fierce, and her justice was administered without remorse -- there are many examples that prove his point.  Much of what was said in honest praise then can be said in honest praise now, not of England alone, but of our combined navies operating to keep the sea lanes safe and free.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

Funny, I thought that Western Europeans, especially the Anglosphere were uninterrupted oppressors every spare moment and all the other peoples of the world innocent victims.

Somebody call Howard Zinn. He'll want to be on this right away.

bthun said...

The uninterrupted oppressors leadership are currently on sabbatical, during which time they hope to more completely embrace their inner self-recrimination and unconditional subservience.