Hip-Hop Music in the Age of Our Current President

Ya'll may remember the author better from a '90s hit that is still in current play during sporting events.

Same guy.  New era.  It's gotta be hard for the President, seeing the hip-hop demographic turn on him.


bthun said...

"It's gotta be hard for the President, seeing the hip-hop demographic turn on him."

Don't worry about I Won, he gets by...

DL Sly said...

"Don't worry about I Won, he gets by..."

Well, yanno, he's got so much on his plate, there's the Constitution to shred, the economy to finish destroying, the military to decimate and Republicans to frame for it; he's swamped.

Eric said...

I don't even think the President notices. I don't think he was ever a hip-hop guy.

Joel Leggett said...

If all you do is smoke grass, hang around doing nothing, and bad mouth the cops I have no doubt that you would "barely get by." I guess I should take some degree of comfort in the reliability of certain things to never change, like the awful talentless music of Everlast.

Grim said...

I imagine Everlast is getting by just fine, given the royalties that are owed him for all that sports-play of "Jump Around."

Still, there's something interesting in the change of his attitude toward the police. If you watch the earlier piece, the Irish policemen in kilts and bagpipes are presented as emblematic of the culture he wants to associate with himself. In the current clip, the police are a distrusted arm of government.

It's a mistake to read too much into hip-hop music -- academics do it all the time, our of a desire to see more than is really there. Still, I wonder if there isn't some proof of Walter Russell Mead's thesis on the divide between the college-educated-progressives and the government-union types on the left.

If he's right, that's a split that could turn into a fissure. Sun Tzu would advise us to keep an eye on it.