Elvis is Everywhere

Songs about Girls:

In deference to T99, a song that the ever-charming (and rarely understandable) Pandora sent me about a girl who likes machetes.

Well, and who doesn't like a good machete? Or girls who like them?

As to why they thought I'd like the song, that's another question entirely.

UPDATE: I'm probably not being fair to Pandora. I find that if I answer its questions about what I like and what I don't from what it plays, in a week or so any new station is playing nothing but Johnny Cash tunes. I do like Johnny Cash! So the system works, sort of.

However, what I wanted to explore was utterly different types of music. Pandora has, for example, a good selection of early music, but it doesn't know how to differentiate it so that you don't end up with Johnny Cash. For that reason, I tend to plug in something and not adjust the station much; and so I get odd results. It's not their fault, though.

UPDATE: Oh, and Elvis. I never really listened to Elvis before Pandora; but she's right. I do like Elvis.

Of course, Elvis is everywhere. What I really wanted to listen to when I created that station, though, was songs about motorcycles.

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