A Propos Absolutely Nothing

My wife and I were walking this morning (being in Plano, it was a city walk and not a proper walk), and she commented that the sun felt good, but it wasn't warm enough to suit her. Being a lizard (some have said snake) myself, I agreed with her. Then my grasshopper mind leapt into action. "Behold," I said, "the power of 2."

"Huh?" she sneered. You might wonder about sneering that word, but if you've ever heard my wife disagree with one of my pronouncements, you'd understand.

So I explained. It's that time of year. As the sun approaches, the intensity of its light grows stronger directly with the lessening distance. But that same energy, due to the tilt of our axis, now is spread out over a larger area, according to the square of the area's radius, thereby lessening in intensity by that power.


"My strength is as the strength of two,

Because my heart it tilted."

We spent the rest of our walk in reflective silence.

Eric Hines

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