A Slow Weekend:

I'm sorry I haven't posted much -- or responded to many thoughtful comments, below -- but I have been busy visiting with an old friend who stopped in.

The birds are hybrids between saker falcons and gyrfalcons. They belong to my friend, who has a business doing bird abatement in airports, vinyards and other areas that need to drive off lots of birds. These larger falcons are better choices for the work than American hawks like the Red Tail or Harris, because they hunt from the air rather than from trees. Thus, pigeons and such see them soaring, and head for other country -- so he was telling us, in any case.

Instead of productive work, that's meant a weekend of cooking steaks over an open fire, helping him sight in his rifle, and so forth. I'll try to get back to thinking seriously about things tomorrow.

Hope you've been well.

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