US human rights hypocrisy attacked

Communist Propaganda:

Regular readers know that I lived in the People's Republic of China for a while back before 9/11. The Chinese are a rising power who intend to dominate the entire East and Southeast Asian region. Part of their strategy is an ongoing "information warfare" assault on the United States, particularly an attempt to degrade the US' standing to bring China to heel on human rights.

Here's a good example, from Xinhua: Chinese Religious Leaders Condemn US Religious Freedom Report.

The report, claiming the commission "remains especially concerned about the human rights situation in China", said that a total of 11 countries, including China, have engaged in or tolerated systematic, ongoing and egregious abuses of freedom of religion.

Zhang Jiyu, vice president of the China Taoism Association, said that the United States, in the name of religion, has been wielding evil assaults at China's religious policies and freedom situation simply by paying attention to hearsay materials and evidences.

"The U.S., in the pretext of human rights, is grossly meddling in China's internal affairs on issues such as Hong Kong and Falun Gong cult issues," Zhang said.

Is it still hearsay when we heard you say it yourself?

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