- Famed Afghan gold to dazzle the world

Kelly's Heroes:

Now we know why we really went to Afghanistan... "Famed Afghan Gold To Dazzle The World":

The world could soon catch a glimpse of Afghanistan's fabled Bactrian gold, as preparations get under way to exhibit some of the 20,000 pieces that make up the country's most important ancient treasure trove.

Dates and locations have yet to be finalised, but the US, France, Germany, Japan and Greece are among the countries interested in hosting the 2000-year-old haul that has remained intact despite years of war and upheaval.

Hosting, yes... that's the word. It's all about the gold!
While other important archaeological sites are plundered or have been ruined by war, the Bactrian gold, discovered by a Soviet team near the northern town of Shiberghan just before the Red Army invasion of 1979, has had a number of narrow escapes, adding to its allure and mystery.
The Red Army found it, and it wasn't plundered? That is a narrow escape.
The favourites to host the collection first are the Americans and French, and Rahin hopes interest in the treasure will generate funds to build museums and combat looting.
Now what does this remind me of? Oh, yes...
BELLOQ: Dr. Jones, you choose the wrong friends. This time it will cost you.
Never can trust the French. Hand me my hat.

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