To the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns

Sadly this year there is no Burns Night supper to attend, all things still being shut down and canceled here in North Carolina. I hear other states -- even California! -- are opening up, but our governor remains convinced that this lockdown concept is a valuable one. 

Like so many things, we'll have to do it virtually this year.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

I thought you would be a person to weigh in on this, about who is correct. though I suspect i know already.

Surprise me.

Grim said...

So, Powerline is technically correct, but cf. 3:07 in this video.

douglas said...

Dude's got a CIB, good enough for me. Better than if he'd served in the JAG corp, like you'd expect of a Harvard law grad.

Grim said...

Yeah, it’s true that he did well. In terms of who should call themselves “an Army Ranger,” well, technically it’s true that any Ranger school graduate can; but Mat Best is not lying about how the Regiment guys feel about it.

On the other hand Jimbo says it’s cool, having completed the Q course to become a Green Beret but studiously avoided Ranger School. It sucks. Three cycles of pain.