Motorhead Girl

Since Tom liked the first one, try this one. If you hang around here you'll like the visuals, anyway. There's some beautiful machines on display here, and no mistake.

Certain other forms of natural beauty are also on display, for example, an impressive display of flames at about the one minute mark. All beauty is good; I have often argued that the first division of the Good is into the True and the Beautiful.


Here's one with less natural beauty, but a fine collection of machinery and more traditional Rockabilly. 


raven said...

" I have often argued that the first division of the Good is into the True and the Beautiful."

and I have speculated it may be a better way to differentiate human beings from animals than sheer intellect. It might not include many animals, but it sure would exclude a lot of two legged trash.

raven said...

Before the City Bitch moved in next door and complained enough to the county to get our corner store closed down, we used to have a nice bunch of gearheads come by in the summer, one local has a flathead Model A highboy- his grandfather used to run on on the salt, and it came down to him through his father.

Grim said...

The firing range we used to go to near Savannah was shut down after a housing development elected to build itself next door, then lobbied to force it to close 'for reasons of noise and safety.'

raven said...

yeah, shooting ranges and airfields are the usual suspects.
Our range was there since 1923, closed because a bunch of new homeowners bought close and made a hobby of complaining to a county commission that was "progressive". Somehow, although we never had a serious incident, and the range-masters were exceptional, it was deemed an immediate safety hazard.
In Washington State, it is not only the politicians, it is the court system as well. In one recent case, a guy appealed a decision to the State Supreme court. He had been found guilty of carrying a dangerous weapon, a 4" paring knife. His appeal was on second amendment grounds,and the supreme court managed to find the paring knife, although "dangerous" enough to secure a conviction, was not "dangerous" enough to be a "weapon" protected under the second. How can a person give such a hypocritical court any credence at all?

Anonymous said...

A well maintained and restored machine is a true thing of beauty. I met a gent who had one of every year of John Deere tractor from 1990 back to the beginning. He put them on display every other year. It was wonderful to talk to him and learn about the work and love in the collection. Yes, they all ran. Classic cars and motorcycles are works of wonder as well.


Grim said...


My father loved these kind of cars. Of course he grew up working on the originals, at my grandfather's shop. When I was a tiny boy I was pumping gas at the service station, in a shop getup my grandfather had made for me. That was totally illegal, of course.


Tell your friend to carry a Kabar. At least nobody will complain that it's not a real weapon.

Tom said...

Thanks for the cars & music! I enjoyed both.