Mate selection

No one knows how long DNA has been around, but a confident guess would be some billions of years.  In all that time, it's been trying, in the anthropomorphic sense that leads us to inject purpose into the process of natural selection, to perfect ways of projecting itself from one cell or organism to another, the definition of evolutionary "success."  In the case of sexually reproducing species that go to some trouble finding suitable mates, that has led to a bewildering variety of mating displays and strategies for selecting genetically suitable partners.  In humans, that sometimes includes what we call courtship and marriage.

So what could go wrong with a social trend toward pairs of infertile parents choosing to reproduce with sperm donated by strangers?  Maybe a gay couple, fertile individually but obviously not with each other--with apologies for my ableist bias.  Maybe a gay couple who prefer to buy anonymous sperm from a respectable laboratory with the latest in foolproof genetic screening protocols.  Who says you should get to know anything about the father of your child that can't be read off a medical chart that included the results of a scientific personal interview?

And if the resulting babies have financially crippling special needs, and your union isn't strong enough to hold up under the pressure, who says stuffy old principles about lifelong marital fidelity and loyalty to children are any more workable when couples have a reproductive sexual bond and a genetic relationship to their own children?  Just sue the sperm bank for not giving your reproductive choices the attention they deserved.


Assistant Village Idiot said...

But they didn't expect things to go badly, so of course they don't have to stick around when they do.

ymarsakar said...

DNA is a digital, quantum, and physical code.

When cracking open a decompiler or just notepad ++ on some code, there are certain parts to the logic.

Human scientists, due to their limited mental capacities, looked at 70% of the DNA code in organisms, couldn't figure it out, and labeled them "junk DNA".

There might be some "comments" on Microsoft's "junk Win 10 OS" but... 60%? Haha, you underestimate the Creator way too much, humanity. Even Microsoft is not that incompetent. Even taking out one line of code of your "junk DNA" would crash the OS. A misspelling would do it as well.

DNA is also the holder of epigenetic ancestral memory. Since Grim doesn't like the vague scientific term (all science is pseudo vague and non specific, including gravity and geoscience, with the exception of numerology based mathematics equations for calculus and other mathematical proofs). But wait, I can hear, gravity does have an equation! Except it doesn't work beyond basic vector arithmetic, but that's not something normal people can comprehend it anyways, so skipping. A hint is that Unified Field theory has mathematically unified all 3 forces in physics... except the special snowflake gravity equation. It doesn't obey the inverse square, but I don't think people would understand what that means either, vs dark matter/energy.

Because DNA holds ancestral memories, what the Southerners called "blood connections". You ain't a Southerner just because you moved here, ya hear!

You had to have had ancestors that experienced the Tyranny of Lincoln and the Burning Mad War Criminal Rampage of this Sherman guy first!

You see, blood vendetta wasn't just a cultural tradition. It was actually passed in the blood. Low energy and evil parents would create harsher conditions for their children, as their children would be born in sin or at least have to deal with all their ancestral problems.

The biblical "canonical" scripture claims that sin, or rather marks, would be passed to the 3rd or 4th generation. This is countered by much of Hebrew religion attempting to break this karmic or DNA debt and connection, including the 40 years in the desert running around in circles (literally a circle).

No one knows how long DNA has been around, but a confident guess would be some billions of years.

Before Abraham was, I AM (Yahuah, Yehovah, Jehovah, Almighty).

That guy was so pro active. Imagine people doing that in modern days. Before DNA was around, I WAS THERE! Oh wait, biden...

douglas said...

Another thing not to be discounted is familiarity with that type of person and knowing how to deal with them from experience. I'd say my brothers and I (and probably Dad) are on the mild end of the spectrum, at least I think that would be the diagnosis today. From my experiences dealing with scouts in our troop (which is heavy with kids on the spectrum, a couple moderately so), that having some experience with people like that, and knowing what they can and can't do (as opposed to won't), is hugely helpful.

Someone who isn't like that at all is likely going to have a heck of a time understanding and dealing with that, unprepared and unexpecting of it.