MikeD said...

Kamala Harris: Well we can't prove it DIDN'T happen, so we should impeach him.

Grim said...

Boy, this round has been amazing. The woman doesn't recall any such event; the source for the story is a lawyer for Hillary Clinton; even he won't actually go on the record that he was telling the story, to avoid libel; so the actual source is 'people who heard him telling the story'; and they won't go on the record either.

Oh, and by the way, Dr. Ford's friend said that she had no confidence in Ford's story but was pressured and threatened into keeping quiet about that during the confirmation hearings. And the authors of this amazing book went on "The View," where they declared that their gut confidence in Kavanaugh's guilt was only increased by their discovery that he was a complete gentleman to everyone he'd worked with for 36 years. This habit of perfectly respectful behavior was surely, they felt, a demonstration of his guilty conscience over his college years.

I've never seen confirmation bias so strong.

E Hines said...

Now Pogrebin and Kelly are claiming that Kavanaugh agreed to be interviewed by them, but only if they'd print that he wasn't interviewed.

It's getting bad when even the lies are so openly desperate.

Eric Hines