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Five Philosophy Books to Take on Holiday

The Philosophy Behind the First American Dictionary

Why Won't Socialism Die?

A Claim That Seems Like Silly One-Upmanship: Muslims were in America before Protestants



Grim said...

Kant’s “On Education” is vacation philosophy. It’s so different from most of his work. Some of his advice is great (ignore the part about breast feeding).

ymarsakar said...

Socialism is a test given to humanity. As with Cain and Abel, when the Age of Iron began with a man killing another man's vehicle, this started with a perception of unfairness.

It would make sense that the time it goes away is when man stops killing man.

ymarsakar said...

The Reconquista is a good example of humans becoming what they fight. No matter who wins, evil still wins.

That is why it is important to kill all the enemy asap and end the conflict, without a prolonged fight. As war and fighting merely begets more wars and the intense communication between rivals and enemies, bringing them closer in harmony to evil and death.

Whether it is a State Religion called Islam or a State Religion called the Church of Rome, either one will not be good news for children and the Divine Plan.


The LDS organization has a somewhat different take on socialism and why it matters than the secular world.