NYC Celebrates Abortion

New York just passed a new law permitting elective abortion all the way up to birth. Although abortion is allegedly justified on the grounds that the woman should have control over her own body, this allows the mother to kill an infant who could survive perfectly well if simply removed from her body.

Naturally, New York decided to celebrate. They lit One World Trade Center up in pink to mark the occasion.

Fitting, when you think about it. It's mostly the girl babies who get aborted.


raven said...

This is evil. Naked, in your face, celebration of evil. They have taken off the mask now. We are in for the oldest of fights.

douglas said...

Seen on twitter: Picture of woman holding newborn child- "Hey New York- this one isn't due until the 28th. Do I still have a "choice"?"

Resonated with me- our first was a couple weeks early.

raven said...

Suppose the butchers get paid more for full term body parts?

Grim said...

I don't know, but it stands to reason.