Excommunicabo Vos

The NY law is drawing calls for Cuomo's excommunication.


Anonymous said...

no, no, no, no, no. He's just another infant that survived an abortion. Once he enters Planned Parenthood offices, he only comes out the backdoor as fetal tissue.

douglas said...

I would suspect that the debate among church leaders is having to do with the usefulness of a public sanction (be it excommunication or something lesser) vs. private sanction and refraining from public sanction so as not to give ammunition to those who might justify an anti-Catholic religious test for public office (as we know is close to the hearts of some). I could understand some reluctance to make public any sanction against a politician for signing a law or voting to approve a law, mush as I would like to see the public message sent.

E Hines said...

No, the sanctions must be public, including an excommunication. If it's not public, there's no public sighting of justice. If it's secret, the penalty--if there is one--cannot be known to be just. If it's secret, the penalty cannot be differentiated from a Star Chamber judgment and penalty.

The convenience of the church or of any secular authority can never be a player.

Eric Hines