The Old Swedish Spirit

A professor of chemistry at Lund University got a message from one of her students, who was visiting his home in the Middle East, that he might not make it back to class because ISIS had taken his village.

Upset that one of her students was threatened in this way, she dispatched a team of mercenaries to rescue him and his family.

Now we're talking.


J Melcher said...

Sweden? Isn't that the place where heavenly powers recently identified for the land and its people a new queen, complete with sword?

Sounds as if the queen has now found (or has had heavenly powers identify for her) a new general of the militias ..

Grim said...

That is a satisfying answer.

douglas said...

Saw a great response on twitter:
"I always tell grad students that choosing the right advisor is more important than choosing a fancy school."

Tough to deny in light of this.

Texan99 said...

I didn't notice you'd already posted this. Was it not a wonderful article? Don't you wish your kids' university had a special exfiltration department, fully funded? "Call Jason Bourne! Call Liam Neeson!"

Makes you nostalgic for Ross Perot, not that his exfiltration attempt worked.

Grim said...

It’s a great story. I wish we could normalize the practice. It’d cut down on many sorts of mischief.