In other news

I'm so glad there finally is some other news.  Of course, I'm still hoping that all future public appearances by Lindsey Graham on-stage will be accompanied by the strains of "Well, you can tell by the way I use my walk. . . ."

But I thought we might all enjoy this would-be bank heist story, complete with the Just a Lowly Bank Teller dramatic moment, about how a group of investigators and regulators helped Angola avoid a theft of $500 million from its public treasury.  As Harry Anderson used to say, a fool and his money never should have gotten together in the first place.


E Hines said...

To state the obvious--and because that happens to be one of my favorite songs, too, so I'll take the excuse--here's a link to the tune:

Even if these toxic males are using take advantage of powerfully empowered women who are helpless in the face of such displays. How come I never hear women sing in falsetto?

And here's another link that seems loosely appropriate.

Eric Hines

Texan99 said...

That reminds me, falsetto is gender appropriation. In retaliation, I shall sing in a low frog croak, in a chorus with my strong sisters. You cannot silence me.

E Hines said...

And while you sing in a low frog croak, I shall break a long-standing personal taboo and quaff a number of Buds.

Eric Hines