What's-Her-Name Loses Security Clearance

Odd that should happen at this long remove from a scandal allegedly resolved in her favor. Judicial Watch has been doggedly on the case, though. Maybe there's more to come.


Christopher B said...

It's being spun as she turned in her badge in protest of Brennan losing his. What took them so long, then? Sounds more like a bit of cover to make the story about her rather than her four unnamed (redacted) 'researchers'.

Texan99 said...

Every MSM story I could find led with the idea that she initiated this brave and selfless action. And I too appreciated the spin about her request that four aides be "designated" researchers.

The CBS report threw in the factoid that Lockheed has 60K employees with clearance. I'm not sure if the idea was to create the impression that a security clearance is no big deal, but what I got from it is that 60K ordinary joes could keep their noses clean better than the former Secy. of State and Presidential candidate.

My father managed to keep his security clearance after he was accused of trying to sell nuclear secrets to the Russians in the 1950s. How many people do you know who have managed to screw theirs up?

Dad29 said...

Clearly, your dad was not a piece of s**t as is Hildebeeste, who actually DID sell US interests, secrets, furniture, fixtures, and artwork to the Chinese Commies, probably for pennies on the dollar.