Longing for the Magic Wand

The latest Hail Mary pass to derail Justice Kavanaugh is a series of ethics complaints filed against him by lawyers, not for anything he ever did on the bench, but for his demeanor at his Senate hearing. Fully a dozen of these complaints alleging him disqualified have made it past initial review, and have been delegated by Chief Justice Roberts to the 10th Circuit.

Well, not to the 10th Circuit exactly. To Chief Judge Timothy Tymkovich, himself a Trump SCOTUS short-lister. Not only that, whines "Above the Law":
Judge Tymkovich is a 2003 George W. Bush appointee, meaning his nomination would have fallen right into that sweet spot when Brett Kavanaugh acted as the judicial nomination shepherd. Amazing how that works! Judge Tymkovich also appeared on the short list of judges considered for a Supreme Court seat — along with Neil Gorsuch and Kavanaugh — because of course he was. It wouldn’t be 2018 without that last bit of salt thrown into the wound.
You know how you could have avoided the salt? Not filing bogus ethics complaints designed to have a single inferior judge undercut a Justice lawfully appointed by a President and confirmed by the Senate.


E Hines said...

It's just part of the shotgun blasts of complaints and objections that will form the steady stream of efforts to denigrate Kavanaugh in particular and to deprecate the Supreme Court in general--or any court that won't act as the Progressive-Democrats' pocket legislature.

These guys don't care whether any particular lately done complaint has merit; they just want the stream to flood. After all, two of their mentors have said there can be no civility until they get their way, and there can be violence to encourage that outcome.

Sure, an ex-FLOTUS has, sort of, decried Holder, but who among the Progressive-Democrats believe an inconvenient woman?

Eric Hines

Gringo said...

It has recently been pointed out that when Bork had a dignified response to his being trashed in his hearings, the response was that Bork was mechanical, that Bork was a zombie.

Others have pointed out that it is not difficult to find examples of judges showing anger in the courtroom.

No professional consequence for spurious motions?

Tom said...

This is nuts.

Texan99 said...

They do like to talk about their wounds, don't they? As if they thought wounds were their most valuable and interesting characteristic.