A Story in Two Tweets

Apparently Obama gave a speech. In it he apparently said something about people finding it difficult to say that Nazis are bad. This occasioned some comment.



Signs point to 'no.'


Eric Blair said...


Unknown said...

Not a fan of loud-mouthed SEALs, but that is funny.

Gringo said...

What Obama neglected to include was that many on his side of the aisle are yelling "Nazi" at the slightest excuse. While I would agree that "Nazis are bad," I might not necessarily agree that those whom the left calls Nazis are actually Nazis.

For example, consider all the times Trump was called a Nazi. Yup, someone who has good relations with his Jewish son-in-law must be a Nazi.

Grim said...

This is a good point. It's getting hard to tell who the Nazis really are without having to devote a great deal of time and attention to it.

Ymarsakar said...

If the Nazis are bad, why did the Leftist alliance order their media state propaganda to defend NASA and the fruits of Operation Paperclip?

See, American shadow stupidity never did make any sense. Even to those of us in the know.

Tom Grey said...

Nazis discriminated against and hated Jews -- much like current Dems hate and discriminate against Trump staff, Trump supporters, and Reps in college.

Nazis go to protests and act violently, making a mess and threatening violence. Much like Dem "antifa" folk.

Very unlike the Tea Party protests by the peaceful Reps.

E Hines said...

Very unlike the Tea Party protests by the peaceful Reps.

Who also cleaned up after themselves at the end of their protests.

Eric Hines