Reversing the school-to-prison pipeline

And replacing it with a school-to-cemetery pipeline.


douglas said...

Importantly, this may actually get covered this time. Jake Tapper brought it up in his rather good interview with the Broward Sheriff. Perhaps he will continue to dig to the bottom of this. He did seem genuinely pissed off about it all. Someone needs to get this more widespread attention.

Christopher B said...

Don't kid yourself. I suspect Tapper is mostly genuinely pissed off that Sheriff Isreal sandbagged him on his deputies' failures before the NRA lynching. Isreal is probably used to being much more in control of the information flow and working with journalists who want to stay on his good side. He's finding out Tapper don't care because he's likely to never cover a Broward County story again, but Tapper does care that his next source knows Tapper can burn him to the ground if he lies to him.

Texan99 said...

Interesting take:

Gringo said...

It appears that the relaxed discipline policy DID have some success.From the link, we find the following.

The county schools had a statistical problem. Only 61% of its black students graduated, while 81% of its white students did.

Here is a recent report which reports higher graduation rates.Broward high schools’ graduation rates rise to highest level in six years.
The overall graduation rate for BCPS, which includes innovative District high schools and charter schools, is 81 percent. This is the highest graduation rate for BCPS since Florida adopted the Federal Uniform Graduation Rate method in 2010/11.
Black (75 percent), Hispanic (83 percent) and white (87.3 percent) students improved their graduation rates. The graduation rate gap between black students and white students also decreased by 3.2 percentage points.

Assuming that graduation requirements haven't been made laxer, this would point to some success in the lower discipline program: black graduation rates increased from 61% to 75%, while white graduation rates also increased from 81% to 87%.

On the other hand, the SWJ progran in the Edina shcools in suburban Minneapolis resulted in lower overall test scores. The relaxed discipline program in St. Paul Minn resulted in increased assaults and the firing of the school superintendent- who got a very hefty golden parachute.

Perhaps in Broward County this means more graduates, more deaths. (Bad joke, I know.)

Though I would not be surprised to find some statistical tweaking. Two decades ago, I was researching some urban Texas high schools. A lot of high schools reported a freshman class that was 50-60% larger than the senior class, but with an annual dropout rate of around 5%. You can't have a 5% dropout rate with such a big drop in class size from freshman to senior.

The article I linked to indicates that the relaxed discipline program was a success. I am not sure this is actually the case, but the issue needs to be further investigated.

douglas said...

"Assuming that graduation requirements haven't been made laxer"
That's quite an assumption. I would not stake any of my hard earned cash on that assumption.

douglas said...

And, even if true, is it worth having kids learn they can assault another kid and essentially get away with it?
I suggest asking the kid who was assaulted.