"One of the biggest cuts to the social safety net in history"

I mean, that part sounds good. That so-called safety net is driving many crises in our society, including the opioid addiction rate.

If state and local governments can do it better than the Feds, who have no constitutional authority to do it anyway, this gives them the chance to try. Go to it, and good luck.


Elise said...

When ObamaCare passed, I told a Left-leaning friend that any other health care measure, up to and including single-payer, would have been a better choice. Based on what I've seen so far from the Republicans, I was wrong.

As far as I can tell, the proposed bill does not get rid of the Metal Levels or let insurers offer whatever policies they want (like true catastrophic health insurance). Yes, the States can apply for waivers to change what types of health care must be included but I don't know how the heck that's going to work as long as subsidies are still tied to "Silver" plans.

Furthermore, the bill will keep the requirement that people who are already sick (pre-existing conditions) will not pay more while also eliminating the mandates for coverage. This is insane.

"We'll repeal ObamaCare" does not equal "We'll fluff ObamaCare up a little." This is a broken promise - and a huge one.

Eric Blair said...

It's a little known fact that most of the Blue Cross plans were "Plans of last resort" before Obama care, meaning that they had made deals in their respective states to insure *anybody* and effectively the rates were subsidized by everybody else--I know the Blue Cross I worked for lost money on such subscribers, but that was basically a 'good will' move.

Grim said...

...and yet somehow my pre-Obamacare Blue Cross plan was 1/3rd the price it soared to after Obamacare was passed, before they finally stopped offering it entirely.