Hey, DEA: FYI, These Folks Can't Afford the Drugs They're Dying From

The DEA is mystified about why the opioid crisis is so bad.
“I gotta tell you, it scares the hell out of me,” Rosenberg said, adding, “these things can be lethal, believe it or not, to the touch.”

In another era, the DEA would have responded with force alone. But in late 2015, Rosenberg launched a 360-degree strategy that blends traditional police work with public education.

“Changing behavior is tough. But we have to keep at it,” Rosenberg said. “We have to talk to middle and high school kids. … And we just have to be relentless about it.”
Look, the people who are dying from these drugs can't afford them at market prices. What's going on here is well within the government's power to solve, for the most part, because government is creating the problem for the most part. The government is who makes it possible for people to buy large quantities of opioids for cheap. First, it allows prescriptions at lethal levels, which means that even for people with real pain there's some extra to sell. Then, welfare programs for drugs let you buy these drugs for pennies on the dollar -- the rest is picked up by the taxpayer. Then, that same government pays out food stamp money that gets laundered, providing free cash for buying up the drugs your welfare programs have flooded into the streets.

You can stop this whenever you want, Federales. You're the ones paying for it.


Anonymous said...

Oh Grim,
This is such an excellent post,
and timely too!

Our local Tax and Spend RINO Senator has worked himself up into a spending Lather salvating at the prospect of bigger & better and more intrusive government programs when the feds should just turn off the faucet of never ending welfare and let the problem die away on its own

As I said it was an excellent post until the last link.
Why did you ruin everything by linking to Keven Williamson? Why?


Grim said...

He's not wrong about the money laundering, which is what the link references, even if he's wrong about many other things.

Tom said...

For a year I worked with the local Food Bank. There I learned that the problem of childhood hunger in my state is in large part due to their parents blowing their welfare money on illegal drugs and feeding them Twinkies for several weeks at a time until the next welfare check came in.

I think welfare ought to be paid in ingredients for healthy meals. Pay rent and bills directly. Very, very little money should be given.

Anonymous said...

Okay to Money Laundering

Supose even a blind pig can finds an acorn every once in a while.....


Ymar Sakar said...

It is almost like they designed it this way.

Ymar Sakar said...

Remember, Tel Aviv is the capital of the US, I have heard. Has that somehow changed under Trum?

Ymar Sakar said...

As for working welfare systems.... there's always Utah as an example of Republican and religious systems at work.