Bringing it to ISIS

We are taking increased risks with men who are, each one of them, strategic assets of the United States. Every one of these operators who dies represents a significant loss to our capacity as a nation to project force, in addition to an unutterable loss to their families and loved ones.

We are taking this risk in order to cut down on the loss of innocent life, unavoidable in a war in which the enemy intentionally leverages civilians as shields.

Remember that the next time you hear someone shout about how the US doesn't care as much as it should about civilian casualties. Those civilians benefit more than anyone else in the world from the destruction of ISIS. We are risking the lives of our very best to bring that about in the least destructive way possible. May God defend the innocent who have been thrust into this war, but may God defend the right.


Ymar Sakar said...

Unavoidable when your own country made it necessary by funding and arming AQ.

People can either treat that as internal traitors doing their thing, as in Vietnam, or they can make the rationalization that all of America's enemies are outside foreigners. The latter wasn't all that convincing to me.

There's no reason to beat the US on the battlefield. Even if you lose all your battles, you can still win, so long as the US traitors are on your side.

Ymar Sakar said...

The biggest threat, is usually the enemy inside the gates, not outside. It is precisely why totalitarian megalomaniacs often come up with internal threats to solidify ruling power. Humans understand where the real threat is on an instinctive level, and they are easy to fool that way with emotions and rationalizations. Just look at the Germans or the Chinese.