AJC: Handel wins GA 6th

Looks like a Republican keep in the toughest race anybody could afford to throw. The Georgia 6th is R+8, and results tonight look like the obsessive focus and vast amounts of money only brought that down to 53/48, or about +5. A big pull, but not enough.

I really expected Ossoff to win this thing, though, because I only lately even learned his opponent's name. I don't live in the 6th, so I wasn't paying very close attention, but all the ads I saw were either "Vote Ossoff!" or "Vote against Ossoff, that monster/liar/faker!" Usually you can't beat something with nothing, but once in a while you really can.


E Hines said...

Ossof said he'd move 10 minutes down the road into the 6th if he won; he only lived where he did to support his fiance. I applaud that, but 10 minutes? He could have lived 10 minutes away, in the district, and supported his fiance just fine. The first 10 years of my wife's and my marriage, we lived apart--hours apart at different stations--for 5 of those years due to our different assignments. We supported each other just fine, along with our toddler daughter.

Handel didn't beat something other than a Progressive-Democrat carpet bagger. And a waffler: Ossof built his campaign on "Make Trump Furious," and then he switched to "Oh! I'm a fiscal conservative." Georgians may be rednecks [g], but they ain't dumb.

Separately, Republicans won the South Carolina special election, too, which makes the NLMSM no-for-5 in this season's special elections.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

At least half the voting population of the GA-6 are carpet baggers, at least by the traditional definition. "Ossoff is a carpet bagger" is equivalent to "Ossoff is one of us!" in that collection of suburbs. What we used to call "Damn Yankees," meaning, the Yankees who move South and stay.

I guess that's hate speech, these days. But the late, great Lewis Grizzard would have said it in the Atlanta paper, not all that long ago. Twenty years, maybe. No, more than that now: he died in 1994.

Anonymous said...

The positive stuff was online. There was an acknowledgement that she was not the world's best candidate, but that she did support Trump on most of the issues.


Anonymous said...

The only thing Democrats won recently was the congressional baseball game, while the only way Democrat voters can seem to get Republicans out of Congress is by shooting them. And they can’t even do that right.

Grim said...

There's been a fair amount of success at moving Republicans out of Congress and into the Executive branch. That's why we're having all these special elections, after all.