Conspiracy Theories & Fake News

National Review has a fun time bashing outlet after outlet that reported that Trump was under FBI investigation (as well as Senator Warren and Minority Leader Schumer). These are many of the leading journalism outfits in the United States.

Today's hearings showed their sources were all wrong.

Trump wasn't under investigation.

"But he'd better be now!" cries the New Republic.


Anonymous said...

Grim Remember this post?

National Review: Die, White Working Class

I do. NRO hates Everyday Americans.

So of course I was delighted to read this post.

National Review deserves to die

Folks never give money to this man.

- Mississippi


Grim said...

I remember the post, yes.

Assistant Village Idiot said...

Mississippi - at the time there was discussion in the comments about working class versus welfare class, and the culture of a gradually expanding white underclass that is pathological, and whose occupants have at least some personal responsibility for. I don't call those "everyday Americans."

Elites, and social structures, and government attitudes bear some responsibility. They can make the numbers of winners and losers fall or rise, at least a bit.

But I don't think it's defensible to claim that National Review hates everyday Americans. Are you still mad because they didn't like Trump?

jaed said...

Williamson's article was notable in my eyes for its failure to make distinctions. He used the phrases "white working class", "white middle class", "poor white America", and "white American underclass" seemingly interchangeably. He also is not the only writer at National Review to express contempt for white Americans below upper-middle-class.

And the magazine's dislike of Trump seemed, at least to me, to spring from this contempt for his supporters, rather more than from anything about the man himself.