"A Communist Fanfic"

No kidding. His argument that the recent Mad Max movie fits this plotline is basically right, though. It just ends with the release of all the water that was being wrongfully hoarded to grow plants, rather than continuing to the point at which the now-held-in-common water is all gone and the plants have been swept over by the desert that surrounds them.

But hey: "Make sure to buy the t-shirt!"


douglas said...

It's perfect, really. Those who romanticize Marx really do have a burning desire to exact 'revenge' on those 'evil' capitalists who 'held them down'. Mad Max is the perfect vehicle for that expression, and outlet for the murderous rage that comes with always being jealous of others instead of grateful for the many things for which you should be grateful.

Texan99 said...

End the price-gouging!