This is a Strange Day for this Argument, Comey

Default powerful encryption "breaks the bargain" between citizens and government, argues the head of the FBI.

I'm pretty sure we just this week had it confirmed that you have backdoor capacities to turn on the microphones in like everything we own, which means that encryption of voice calls is useless. Malware that lets you read keystrokes captures data before the start of the end-to-end encryption process, and if you can seize control of the computer you can read the data on the other end anyway.

Besides, encryption is a branch of mathematical logic. You can't ban it any more than you can ban people from doing math. If you made it illegal to manufacture commercial encryption, anyone with a computer could still brew it up if they bothered to learn how. At least this way you can bribe the tech companies to give you a backdoor or to leave vulnerabilities for you to exploit in the system (as the Vault 7 documents claim your friends at CIA have been doing).

If anyone has a right to complain about the bargain being broken, I would think it was the citizenry. The right to be secure in 'person and papers' without your having to get a warrant seems to be fading in this technological age. If there remain ways of defending yourself from intrusive surveillance, good.


E HInes said...

From Comey's quote at the link: There is no such thing as absolute privacy in America....

That's his (cynically offered, because I don't agree he's either as stupid or as ignorant as he'd have to be otherwise) straw man; he'll have to play with his dolly without me.

He also has distorted (deliberately, if not from his lack of understanding, coming from Government's perspective as he does) what the Founders wrought: Our founders struck a bargain that is at the center of this amazing country of ours and has been for over two centuries.

No. Not even close. Our Founders allocated to the Federal government a strictly limited set of authorities and powers to execute them. There was, and is, no bargain other than the one that exists between any employer and employee: do your job, or I'll fire you. And as one of our social compact documents puts it on two occasions, at gunpoint if needs be.

Full stop.

Perhaps this distorted view of things is near the core of his failures to perform--three times--vis-a-vis Hillary Clinton during the campaign, and again since the inauguration.

Eric Hines

MikeD said...

[A large amount of brilliance]
- Eric Hines

Bravo, sir. That was, from beginning to end, simply amazing. Well done!

Ymar Sakar said...

Snowden looked like a traitor to them, mostly because Snowden was really annoying. Anyone that gets in the way of megalomaniacs using national security to acquire more and more power, needed to be removed. First is the character assassination. Alinsky and Lucifer aren't the only ones that know how that works.

The US Constitution is powerless once the citizens lose their virtues and strength, which they have. More than enough for a civil war. Secondarily, without a recognition of a higher power, an enforcer like the aO, humans are going to do whatever they want, because they don't fear weaklings in America. Did Hussein or HRC fear any of you? You can't do anything to them, with or without your haloed Constitution.