"Scientific Canon"?

Now that is an enlightening way of putting it.


Anonymous said...

Positioning oneself to profit.

Statist everywhere are seeing dollar signs.

Never Let a crisis go to waste!


Ymar Sakar said...

Equal to Egyptian and Bhaal child sacrifices. Same as Aztec blood magic. The same authority fuels all of this, scientific canon included.

Ymar Sakar said...

Also if the rest of the nation is reading Slate and Vox voice and other corrupt Leftist hangouts like Huffington... well no wonder the people are the way they are. Garbage evil in, garbage evil out.

The funny thing about the quality of evil is that it doesn't merely destroy, it can also convert and hijack. Thus good converts to evil by exposure to evil. The only reason that process has not dead ended is because good can also convert evil, but only if it is pure, not mixed.