Compare & Contrast

Brazil's impeachment scandal involves corruption at high levels, and an attempt to use political clout to protect a favored political ally from prosecution. It looks as if the money involved was bigger than what we're seeing so far with regard to the Clinton Foundation: the Clintons have only managed to raise about half as much money as the Petrobras scandal involves.

Also, Brazil's political structure is sound enough that impeachment is a real possibility.

Advantage Brazil?


Gringo said...

Many people have stated that as Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, Scandinavian style, it is absurd to compare Bernie Sanders's Socialism with the Socialism of Chavista Venezuela. That comparison is not so absurd when we note that both Bernie Sanders and President Maduro referred to the impeachment process in Brazil- which followed the path laid out by Brazilian law- as a "coup."

Also note that Bernie Sanders thinks food lines, which occur in places like the Soviet Union, Sandinista Nicaragua, and Chavista Venezuela, are a good thing.

Eric Blair said...

Well, since they actually impeached her today, Yes.

Ymar Sakar said...

Least somebody on this continent is paying more than lip service to the spirit of their own constitution. Even Honduras pulled one, even as Venezuela fell.