Even For CNN, This is Something

Rarely does CNN engage in censorship to the extent of applying a “blur” to images unless there’s some nudity or a close up of an actual dead body. But this week their sister network, Headline News, finally found an image too objectionable to air. It was a gentleman (identified as a hero) from New Jersey who had saved a toddler from a sweltering hot vehicle. So what required the blur?

He was wearing a Trump 2016 shirt.
Emphasis added. Presumably the image itself wasn't offensive: if he'd been a criminal wearing a Trump t-shirt, I expect it would have passed muster. A hero who saved a toddler from a horrible death, though? We can't have him associated with support of Trump in the public's mind.


E Hines said...

The press has been overtly--and proudly--biased for Clinton and separately against Trump for some time.



Keep in mind, too, how the rest of the NLMSM slurred the Tea Party movement from the movement’s modern inception and how the rest of the NLMSM outright spiked stories about the Tea Partiers that would have contradicted their predetermined narrative.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

It's bad narrative, since evil wants good to be called evil, and evil to be called good. If the narrative is incorrect, they will fix reality to match.

It's another reason why people shouldn't underestimate the power of Lucifer. Even humans using the weapon of mass deception can accomplish much, let alone divine level entities. Then again, people underestimate the power of the Left all the time on this Earth, so that's merely trying to feed hogs and pigs pearls. In the end, the hogs and pigs will attack humans and eat them, because you kept trying to feed them pearls. What they value and what we value, are not the same things.

Anonymous said...

Possibly not true in this case, but one of the regional TV stations down here has a policy of blurring political tee-shirts in non-related interviews so they don't have to report anything to the FCC or FEC. Covering a political rally is different, as you would expect, and they show shirts and signs and so on. YMMV


Ymar Sakar said...

The so called journalists don't even obey their own editing rules and journalistic standards. To be honest, JournoList has no standards, but they pretend to have one, just like State and Bureaucracy. They pretend to be x.

One of the reasons why Alinsky wrote down "hold them to their rules" is because Leftists understood that as humans, they were broken and mortally flawed. They couldn't follow half of their own utopian rules. They can't keep to their rules, so they will pull down the rest of you who think you are better than the Left. Being humans, that's not hard for them to do. They convert and subvert, by bringing people down to their level. Not economically, but culturally and socially, and also in relation to the value of the soul and the state of the spirit.