Anybody Ever Lose A Piece of "Sensitive Equipment" In the Military?

Or, for that matter, been involved in any way with a unit that lost a piece of sensitive equipment?
Headline: "FBI: Hillary Clinton Lost Cell Phones with Classified Emails."
How'd that work out for you?

UPDATE: Did you ever try to ship a SIPR computer, say, in the actual mail? What do you think would have happened if you had? What if it got lost?

UPDATE: Wretchard:
What's really astonishing about the Hillary email saga is that we're not talking about the correspondence of the foreign minister of a two bit no account country like Upper Slobovia. We're talking about the Secretary of State of the USA.

Do you have 18 mobile devices? Do you smash them with hammers? Do you mail them somewhere and lose everything? Is it your practice to migrate your emails via Gmail?

She apparently did. How do these people think?


E Hines said...

Quite the opposite one time. My mobile radar unit (read: portable, after some number of hours of packing out) was deployed near an Army kaserne by the Inner German Border one fine winter. The Army's kaserne commander was facing the Army's version of an IG inspection in a few days, and he had an extra M-1A1 tank that he couldn't account for on his books. He asked us to take it with us when we departed.

Unfortunately, or not, we all knew it was just an accounting error, albeit for a bit of equipment more important than a box of washers; he'd be embarrassed by the error if he couldn't find the necessary paperwork, but he wouldn't suffer serious consequences. He was only being ironic with his request.

We'd have had serious trouble explaining to our HQ what a USAF radar unit was doing with a front line tank. We'd have had fun with it, though; our unit, especially, didn't get along with HQ.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

She apparently did. How do these people think?
How do people who intend to do evil think?

That's more of a theological, spiritual, and repentance based question than one about "but we can never prove they intended it or if it was negligence" type of law issues.

Grim said...

I encountered two examples of people having lost sensitive items in Iraq. Both times, the military went to severe lengths to try to recover the things. One time, a guy's rifle fell off his MRAP during a movement through Baghdad. There was never a chance they were going to recover it, but they tried.

The other time, someone misplaced a SIPR computer on the Victory Base Complex. They stopped all missions, sealed the base, and searched room by room until they found it. I learned about it when they woke me up to go through my things in my quarters (which of course I was happy to let them do -- the kind of information kept on the SIPRnet can readily cost lives).

Tom said...

Eric, that's pretty funny.