Ukrainian Pilot Sentenced to 22 Years by Russian Court

Nadia Savchenko is a female pilot who was functioning as an artillery spotter in the conflict with Russian forces. Although Russia signed an agreement not only to respect but to protect Ukraine's territory, it is involved in a war there over its attempts to extend its control over the Russian-speaking eastern part of the country. Lieutenant Savchenko was captured by Russian police, and is charged with murder for directing airstrikes that killed two journalists.

The charge is as ridiculous as the trial. This was not a criminal act but the result of a war. The war is Russia's responsibility. The Ukrainian government may not be sweetness and light, but Russia is in clear violation of its treaty with them. Any unfortunate deaths on the battlefield resulting from military action are morally the Kremlin's fault for provoking the war. In any case, accidentally killing civilians on the battlefield is covered by the Doctrine of Double Effect, and does not constitute a war crime. It certainly should not be prosecuted as if it were a civilian murder.

Lieutenant Savchenko has borne up like a heroine, singing her national anthem from the dock and sneering at the judge. She has shown the real mental toughness required of combat soldiers, in a role providing direct support to an infantry unit.


Ymar Sakar said...

She comes from a very different culture than the West, after the Catholic Orthodox split even.

An archived video I have shows the Russian/Ukrainian military youth clubs. Reminded me of a few things. It's like a bicycle club for teenagers.

Grim said...

We might have a few like her. She is an outstanding example, though, of what right looks like. No 'unconscious bias' hand-holding here. She'll spit in the eyes of her Russian jailers, knowing full well what the price will be.

Ymar Sakar said...

Correction, motorbike club. Bicycle club would be some other sub culture.

Another example to go with Grim's "defiance" sub types.

As usual, there are collectivists that "obey orders no matter the cost" vs individuals that are constrained and shackled by the social consensus, corruption, greed, and power mad megalomania of their fellow "humans".

Easy to guess which side I'm usually on.