Brussels in Flames

Another Islamist attack? It's early to say, but al Azhar is already calling it a violation of Islam's tolerant teachings.


Ymar Sakar said...

All who resist Islam will burn under the Sword of Islam. Neither the Leftist alliance nor Islamic Jihad, can be diplomatically compromised with for long, for they will never give up, being avatars of evil itself.

Ymar Sakar said...

Usually the feminists do damage control and counter propaganda, defining feminism as about equality or some such.

In reality, it's an offensive religion, based on conquest and subversion, not peace, equality, or tolerance.

Islam is very similar in that sense, although they have better justifications for their taqiyah.

Forever war is not something humans tolerate. They need periods of peace to build back up their morale. And Islam provides it to them in several sections of the Koran, the early parts where Mohammed saw the most failures.

Grim said...

Did FEMEN claim responsibility for this attack when I wasn't looking?

Ymar Sakar said...

No, I hadn't heard about any issues in Brussels before today.

I was watching youtube videos about women attacking feminism's hypocrisy, however, so it was easy to jump from Islam to there. And then back.

Since those videos about damage control for feminism sounds like Azhar talking about a violationg of Islam's tolerant teachings. Tolerant of slaves, perhaps. Can't kill those people because they need to be enslaved under the JIzya first.