Coin-Toss in Iowa

Apparently an important part of the process of apportioning delegates. Clinton won a... surprising number of them.

I guess tossing a coin, if it is an honest coin, is as good a way of picking a President as anything. We just need a more random process for determining among whom the coin is choosing to go with it.

UPDATE: C-SPAN reports Clinton fraud in Polk County (which, by the way, is a huge county).


Texan99 said...

Clinton and/or her staff involved in something shady? The devil you say.

Grim said...

Yeah, that staff thing is a helpful trick. One Clinton staffer caught at the caucus with a double-tail quarter? That's just a rogue staffer. Ten Clinton staffers caught with double-headed quarters? That's just a... slightly higher placed rogue staffer! Nothing that could touch the boss.

Gringo said...

In 2008, Obama people did dicey things in the caucuses after many primary votes- such as in Texas- resulting in Obama's getting more delegates than the vote percentages warranted. I suspect that Clinton 2016 is taking the attitude that LBJ 1948 did towards stuffing the ballot boxes in the Senate primary- do unto others as he was done to in the 1941 Senate primary.

As for my opinion on the Demo primaries: a plague on both their houses.

Ymar Sakar said...

If you ain't cheating, you aren't trying, Grim.

That's the difference between people who know they are in a war to win, vs the people they are just slaughtering who think peace is still there.