"A Fantastic Opportunity For You To Assert Your Dominance On Everyone Around You..."

"...which improves your life."

Content warning for those of you who don't share Tex's sense of humor.


Texan99 said...

I think I know this guy, don't you?

He has another video, also recently posted at Maggie's Farm, in which he advocates meat-based soy substitutes, to spare the plants.

To be fair, my only friend who's recently gone gluten-free also has lost a lot of weight, looks great, and feels great. She never, ever tries to dominate the conversation with her newest diet theories, for which I bless her three times.

Grim said...

I have a certain number of friends whose dietary plans I cannot hope to track. We are able to remain friends in part because they take the weight of their scruples on themselves.

Tom said...

This is hilarious.

I do have a friend who's gluten intolerant, but she is not at all like this.

MikeD said...

I will not say I know people like this. But I know a few who bear more than a passing resemblance.