The Autumn King

Hail the Equinox, and the coming of Autumn! No day of the year is more welcome in Georgia. This has been a difficult, but productive, summer. I am glad to bring it to a close, and complete its work.

Since Cassandra was reminding us of him, some of you might wonder how King Arthur Pendragon is celebrating the Equinox. He's celebrating at Stonehenge, of course. Would I could join him -- I imagine it's quite a party.


DL Sly said...

Beautiful picture.

raven said...

One year my wife and daughter and I did a little "neolithic"" tour of England- Stonehenge, Avebury, the old stone bridge, various barrows (but no barrow wights)etc. Lots of fun. Watching a field full of archers shoot longbows beside the river below dunster castle was a treat-

Grim said...

You know, that sounds wonderful. I've never had the right combination of time and money to visit England, or any of the British Isles. It's something I would really love to do.