Holder is out

I won't miss him, but this NPR article is a little valentine to his career.


Grim said...

I had thought him indispensable to the administration. It's a major blow to them, at least potentially depending on what kind of replacement figure is appointed.

MikeD said...

11th paragraph before mentioning Fast and Furious. What do you want to bet that a Republican Attorney General held in contempt of Congress would have had that mentioned a teensy bit earlier?

E Hines said...

Goodwin Liu for AG. The California Supremes are just a stepping stone.

Or Kamal Harris.

And it'll be confirmed by a (hopefully) lame duck Dem Senate.

Eric Hines

DL Sly said...

I've read that the current attorney to the Supremes, Virilli, is on tab to be the next AG.
Not sure whether that's better or worse.

E Hines said...

On the whole, I think Verrilli would be a net gain over Holder. Verrilli's not as skilled a politician, or lawyer, and would have a harder time resisting the House.

Eric Hines

Ymar Sakar said...

Who confirmed this sad sack again?