1st ID HQ to Deploy to Iraq for a Year

This is a really interesting deployment decision. In a way they're pushing the command down, since currently the ARCENT Deputy Commander is doing what the 1st ID CG will now be doing. In another way, although they're falling in on some existing structures and duties, it's very odd to split the headquarters the way they're going to do.

A serious commitment, though, and one that could very easily expand outward. Once you have a division headquarters in place, you have everything you need to insert several Brigade Combat Teams. 1/1 ID is in Kuwait already.


Ymar Sakar said...

So, the Left is going to get more Americans killed fighting a non war like Vietnam. What are they going to do now, order them to stand down when ambushed to avoid bad media optics of "boots on the ground" back home?

Eric Blair said...

Yeah, they're going.