Beheaded in Oklahoma

No link to terror groups say the authorities, which is plausible given some definitions of what it means to be "linked to terror groups."

Good shooting by the COO, though.


E Hines said...

It takes a while to hack through the neck with a knife, unless the hacker is a moderately skilled surgeon, and this guy apparently also spent some time stabbing his first victim before hacking her head off.

There's been disappointingly little on the timeline between the assault on the first victim, through the stabbing of the second, to the shooting by the COO/part-time cop.

Eric Hines

Grim said...

Guy's from Oklahoma. Probably he's taken the heads off a deer or two, coming up.

Grim said...

Don't know, anyway, about the timeline. But I am reminded that the Chief of Operations in the Army is abbreviated:


Ymar Sakar said...

Don't worry, Hussein told us all they would be keeping a close eye on returning ISIL members. Nothing to worry about, move along... or else.

Ymar Sakar said...

A sword or katana length blade is easily able to do it. Sawing people's heads off, though, might take some work. It's mostly because flesh is not stiff, unless the body is rigor mortis approved. Because it isn't stiff, there's no board to put it against and place pressure on consistently, so the cut doesn't slice perfectly horizontally across. It might get caught in something, or slice upwards or downwards, towards more of the meat and bones.

With a katana, just place the body's head on a flat surface, and chop down using gravity. It will probably damage the blade if the back surface is steel or concrete, but you can easily get the job done in one whack. Executioners needed a person's head held just right to get that single whack, and if they miss slightly, they need another whack at it.

But once you have a body's head detached, you can use it as a symbol and communication tool. Everyone can see the face of the person dead and everyone can know what that means, without the media being able tocover it up.

The media can cover up Bush's intelligence and Sarah Palin's virtue with a lot of tricks.

Have you ever seen them successfully re attach a man's head to his body, and convince stupid American majorities that he was still alive? That'd be a feat similar to the Lazarus miracle.

Ymar Sakar said...

In the UK, they banned guns for self defense, saying people could only use it for hunting. Then they imported in a lot of Muslims to do the work that the British were too busy on welfare to do. This coincidentally led to more votes for Labour.

So now they have no defense against Islamic jihad beheading people in the streets. They get what they get, whether they like it or not.

The US is not that far gone. There are still people with guns and the will to use them, to clean up the pigs and the dogs, the rabid diseased ones that need to be put down for society's good.