Common Core remains a mystery, but there's no mystery about how disturbing it is to see two parents arrested and led out of school board meetings, or to see the rest of the crowd put up with it.

I may have mentioned before that I support vouchers and home schooling, not to mention casting an informed ballot in school board elections.


Ymar Sakar said...

Obey the Police... or else.

Hoe or Holder.

Ymar Sakar said...

The peasants still need to learn their place. Talking back to their Born Rulers is not acceptable. In what universe is that acceptable?

Grim said...

What? He said he wanted the civics lesson to be on the First Amendment. I'd say he got a good lesson on how it works.

Ymar Sakar said...

A lot of these people that are taken out or away, act like individuals. It's clear that nobody coached them and they are speaking their own thoughts, not what somebody put into them like the Occupy puppets of Ayers do.

But that makes them vulnerable. The sheep don't want the fangs to hurt them, so they ignore when the flock is fleeced and extracted.

On farms, slaughter day, there's always a cow or pig trained to obediently and calmly get on the truck. So as not to upset the others.

I believe they call them Judas goats. Still working I see.

Humans think they are free and equal, yet act little better than livestock. Quite a disparity in this so called civilization.

Ymar Sakar said...

I wouldn't be surprised the Left is re-enacting their Rotter setup, in the schools right now. They already have a tight lock on colleges, so now they are going for elementary and high school.

Soon there'll be Islamic jihad demand and supply routes. The kids will be given porno books and other grooming tools. In fact, I already think they have, that's why they are being hazy about Common Core materials.

If Islamic Jihad refuses to buy into the market there, I'm sure the Left's teacher unions, Hollywood, or their various other child molestors will buy in with an investment.