Riding Out

Time to go, again.

The Savannah River, below Lake Hartwell

I will be in the Wild for a few days. I'd like to take up Tex's post on Natural Law when I get back. In the meantime you are in the good hands of each other, companions of the Hall.


james said...

I find it a little hard to respond to the post. It seems to pretty much describe the situation.

I remember a friendly debate with Tucker Callaway in which he challenged me to refute Zen from first principles. I failed miserably--as he showed, the presuppositions you bring to the table are going to define what propositions you find valid. (I was in high school at the time, and of course knew everything.)

Grim said...

Zen is a hard case, because it will refute any principles on its own terms. How did you attempt to proceed?

james said...

It is indeed. I was trying to link thoughts based on observations, to ontic states. I got shot down pretty quickly.

His favorite books included Treasure Island and Charles Williams' novels. He had copies of the latter, and they became some of my favorites too.