Magic scissors

A tangled web indeed.  First a CDC politico tries to explain why $30 million in sequester cuts to a vaccination program would have killed the children while the President's magic powers could cut $60 million from the same program without hurting anyone.  My favorite part is at the end, addressing the White House's new program to "re-calibrate" its sequester message in the wake of a pile of Pinocchios awarded by those conservative troglodytes at the Washington Post:  The White House plans to "de-emphasize the veracity of its previous statements."


Grim said...

That's a beautiful line.

E Hines said...

Some lies are less equal than others.
--Napoleon Pig

Or, should we take the CDC director at his word: the President's $60M cut to the CDC could have been carried out without harming the children of Maryland, but he's having the CDC carry out the sequester's $30M cut explicitly so as to deny vaccines to the children of Maryland? Pour l'encouragement des autres?

Eric Hines

DdR said...

That seems to be what is happening with sequester cuts at the American Military hospital over here in Germany - the cuts could have been made gently. Instead, cuts are being made in a manner that causes the most chaos and uncertainty, creating shortage of both personnel and resources. Locally, hands are tied as the decisions are coming from Washington.