People going "poof"

From House of Eratosthenes:
Liberalism is all about wishing things out to the cornfield
Which raises the question of:  What is the cornfield? This is the scary part: They don’t know.  They really don’t know.  Not even a little, tiny bit.  They are not like the semiconductor manufacturer working to make sure anything that might be a contaminant is kept outside of the million-dollar “clean room,” or the bartender telling the argumentative customers to “take it outside,” or the TSA checkpoint that keeps you from going into a secure area until you have been “cleared.”  Those agents possess a good, developed understanding of 1) criteria applied, and 2) where things should go when they fail to meet the criteria.  Liberals only understand the criteria.  It comes easily to them to say things like “There is no use discussing [blank] with someone like you, who can’t see [blank].”  You, then, are supposed to go away — but to where?  It’s completely obvious you aren’t supposed to take your money with you as you leave.  They’re building a society that “works for everyone” and you’re part of the “everyone,” at least when it comes time to pay taxes, regulatory fees and union dues.  How do you exclude the undesirables from an all-inclusive society that refuses to recognize undesirables?  This is the puzzle they’ve never managed to solve.
This rings true to me, but whenever the argument takes the form of "Liberals always. . .," I like to do the thought experiment of replacing "Liberals" with "Conservatives."  I suppose we all do our share of wishing people out to the cornfield.  On the other hand, I'm not sure conservatives expect liberals to leave their wallets behind when they go "poof."


Grim said...

The difference is that conservatives know what the cornfield is.

MikeD said...

Eh, I wouldn't be so sure, Grim. There are dumb people on both sides of that political divide (and in the middle as well). I'm reminded of a joke:

Person 1: I wish they'd take all them gays and ship em off to an island somewhere!
Person 2: What do you think Manhattan is?

Eric Blair said...


RonF said...

You are supposed to leave the arena of governance and leave it to your more perceptive betters to be ruled. Just hand over your money, but stop trying to actually influence how it is spent. Oh, and stop asserting your free speech, religious, armament/self-defense and other rights as well. You obviously don't truly understand what's best for everyone there, so just stop.