Hailstone Mountain

Our comrade Lars Walker has a new book out, as you may not know if you don't get over to his place as often as you ought.
Hailstone Mountain is an H. Rider Haggard-esque story, in which Erling is struck by a curse that could kill him slowly. In order to break the curse, he must sail north (along with Father Ailill, Lemming, and others) to confront the source of the magic face to face. Meanwhile, Lemming’s niece Freydis is kidnapped by her relatives from up in Halogaland, and it’s not a nice kind of family, so she must be rescued. And that sets off repercussions that could destroy the whole country. Erling must join forces with a bitter enemy to stave off a monstrous horror.
H. Rider Haggard was always a favorite of mine. I have his collected novels just a few feet away, in fact.

Elsewhere he offers an Irish song from the Clancy Brothers he particularly likes, as his St. Patrick's Day offering. It's a fine piece, but you'll get a lot more of that here. No reason to stop with only one such song!

Why, here's one now.

'Where Bacchus is sporting with Venus,' he says. Now that reminds me of another good song, this one in Latin.


Texan99 said...

I enjoyed Troll Valley, so I've just risked $2.99 on the Kindle version of Hailstone Mountain.

Lars's discussion of the new TV series "The Vikings" in American Spectator was fun, too. I haven't seen it, but my morning walking companion likes it. Historically, I'm sure it's as ridiculous as Lars says.

Lars Walker said...

Thanks for the plug. Much appreciated. And the Clancy Bros. are always in order, especially when disorderly.